Camera Surveillance – Commercial

Capture it on screen, in High Definition….Video doesn’t lie

Our experienced staff is ready to hear about your day to day business operations and design a camera surveillance system to meet your business needs. We carry a full line of products, and are ready to tailor and install a system that provides you with the security you are looking for at a price that fits your budget.  Our goal is to provide you with a sophisticated system that best serves the needs of your business providing you with a virtual security guard at a security system price.


Some of the features of our commercial surveillance camera systems include:

  • Stunning high-resolution video with high image quality
  • Strong low light performance
  • Rugged vandal resistant camera designs
  • Weatherproof outdoor rated cameras
  • Recording servers capable of thousands of terabytes of video storage
  • Remote video access via mobile devices and tablets
  • Advanced video search options for quick and easy video retreival and retention

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