Buying Local: Why You Should Hire a Local Security Company

Release Date: June 06, 2017

Between fires, burglaries, potential intruders and carbon monoxide poisoning, there are plenty of things to keep you up at night. If you have a tendency to worry, it might be time to invest in a security system.

If you have given it some thought and you are thinking of calling some security companies for an estimate, we hope you will consider American Alarm.  Just as it is important to support your local stores, it’s equally as important to invest in, local businesses, especially when it comes to a security company.  Here is why:

  1. They know you and the neighborhood.

To local security companies, you are more than just another customer.They know the neighborhoods you are living in.Not only do they know the neighborhoods, they are aware of all of the local codes.This means that any system they install will be specifically designed to follow the code requirements where you live.

  1. You receive excellent customer service.

With local security companies, there are no corporate rules and limitations.They will take the time and go the extra mile to make sure you aren’t just getting a temporary fix, but rather a permanent solution.They will take the time to get to know you personally so they can best identify your security needs.

  1. You will receive top of the line security.

At American Alarm, we pride ourselves in being able to deliver top of the line security systems at a price you and/or your business can afford.We are more interested in making sure you home or business is safe and secure rather than trying to sell you the latest and greatest gadget.

If buying local is important to you, consider giving American Alarm a call.

We are a multi-generational family owned business who understands the security needs of homes and businesses throughout Orange, Ulster and Dutchess counties.