It’s Fire Prevention Month, Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

Everyone assumes that a home fire is never going to happen to us however in 2021 there were approximately 338,000 home fires. Fire can engulf your home in no time and catch an unsuspecting family off guard. We hope you never have to face the devastation of a home fire and want to help you keep your home safe!


Create A Plan

Come up with a plan that takes each family member such as those with disabilities, any elderly people living in the home, as well as young children and babies into consideration. Develop a plan for your family and then annually take the time to review the plan. Go over exit routes and where to meet up once outside. Be sure it is a safe distance from your home. Teach them two different ways to escape from their rooms and even practice exiting a room with eyes closed, by feeling their way through.


The Importance Of Smoke Detectors

You must have a working smoke detector on every floor of your house at minimum. Consider putting one in the garage as well as any other vulnerable spot in your home. American Alarm strongly encourages the installation of one of our hard-wired systems that will enhance your protection. With our system, when one alarm detects smoke, then every smoke detector in your home will sound. This ensures that everyone in the home is alerted simultaneously to the fire. Additionally, our hard-wired units can save you precious time, by alerting the local first responders automatically allowing you to focus on just getting your loved ones to safety. With features such as these, you are one step closer to keeping your family safe.


Fire Extinguishers

Keep properly maintained and accessible fire extinguishers in your house. Place them in key areas such as kitchens, laundry rooms, and the garage. Having one on every floor can ensure quick retrieval if needed. Make sure you and everyone in your home old enough to operate one knows how to use them. If not, add it to the agenda of your annual family meeting.



For added protection, you can install automatic fire sprinklers in your home. These are heat activated and once they hit a certain temperature, a glass bulb breaks inside the sprinkler activating the water system. These sprinklers feed in from your main water system and can help begin to extinguish the fire as you get your family to safety.

Fire can strike at any time. American Alarm is here to provide the very best protection for your family. Smoke Detectors that are hard-wired to a central station will help you keep your family safe. Give us a call at 845-564-3764 for a consultation. We would be happy to discuss your current fire safety plan and make recommendations to help you create smart solutions that keep your home and family safe!