Common Break-In Points

Having your home broken into can be a frightening experience. While most people are able to replace lost or stolen items, it takes much longer to reclaim your family’s peace of mind. When fortifying your home against burglary, it’s important to understand the most vulnerable entry points of your home. Once you understand, you can take the steps necessary to prevent you from becoming a victim.

It may be surprising to find out that oftentimes a break in may not even mean there was forced entry into your home. A common misconception is that thieves are sneaking into the home usually from a less well-travelled location, and while sometimes that’s true, the most popular entry point into a home for a thief is right through the front door. Many burglars just turn the knob, find an unlocked home and let themselves in! Even more alarming, thieves are able to easily find hidden keys on porches left by the homeowners. Here are some tips to protect you from a front door break in:

  1. The best protection is to always lock your door.
  2. Never hide a key on the front porch. Hidden keys are often very easy for a thief to find.
  3. Make sure your door is high quality
  4. Invest in high grade locks that would make forced entry more difficult.

Another common entry point is a first floor window. These vulnerable areas are an easy place for a thief to gain access while you are at work during the day or even at sleep, in your bed at night.  To avoid a window break in:

  1. Firmly lock all windows on the ground floor
  2. Repair any broken latches or cracked windows
  3. Cut any shrubbery or trees that could serve as cover for an individual trying to sneak into your home

One last common point of entry is the back door. This is a similar situation to the front door but without the benefit of those who may be passing by, seeing thief.  To keep your home safe from a back door break in, try these tips:

  1. Take a look at the front door list and take the same precautions for the back door.
  2. Additionally, consider investing in motion sensor lighting to draw attention to the areas of your home that are not visible to the street.

The security of your home is our priority.  We want to help you make sure your home has a security system covering all of the vulnerable places in your home.  We can help you ensure that if someone tries to break in, you and the proper authorities will be alerted.  Reach out to use if you’d like to discuss how to best protect your home or business.  Give us a call at 845-564-3763.  We are here to answer any questions and do all we can to keep you and your family safe!