The Top Three Reasons Exterior Lighting Is A Good Idea

We believe that adding exterior lighting to any home is an excellent way to increase the security of that home.  In this brief blog we are going to give you the top three reasons we think adding exterior lighting is a great idea!

American Alarm’s Top Three Reasons To Invest In Exterior Lighting:

  1. A Theft Deterrent
    A well-lit home says to someone looking to cause mischief of any sort – stay away.  When there are exterior lights on a home, movement is seen more easily at night.  If you are going to light your home you will want to focus lights on any entrance into the home such as the front door, the garage door, a basement door, side door or sliding glass doors on the back.  It is also a good idea to light hidden areas such as the sides of your home.
  2. Increases Your Awareness
    When there are lights on the outside of your home it increases your awareness.  You have improved visibility further from your home.  Your attention will be drawn more frequently by shadows moving in the light creating an awareness that would help to deter a potential threat.
  3. Gives Cameras A Better View
    If you have an outdoor camera system, adding exterior lights gives the cameras the ability to “see” better.  You will get clearer pictures from your cameras which will lead to more peace of mind.

We are always looking for ways to help our customers find simple ways to protect their families.  Exterior lighting may be just what you need for Home, Safe Home.  While American Alarm does not install exterior lighting, we do recommend that if you are looking to add additional lighting, that you would utilize the services of a reputable electrician.  It can avoid some headaches down the line!  If you have questions or need more information on how American Alarm can help you with solutions for your Home, Sweet Home, give us a call at (845) 564-3763.  Our focus is always your security.