How Adding Environmental Alerts To Your Security System Provide Peace of Mind

May 18, 2023 | Residential, Residential News

Have you ever had a pipe burst? It’s an experience you are not soon to forget. Frozen pipes cause more damage and cost more money each year than fires. The worse is however when you are out of the house when it happens and are unaware of the water damage wreaking havoc in your home. Wouldn’t it be great to leave your home with the confidence that you can catch and fix a leak before it costs you money and damage to treasured possessions? 


Adding environmental alerts to your security package is an option that will give you peace of mind. Having your home monitored on your behalf allows you to worry less and experience more with your family. 


In what ways can environmental alerts keep you aware? 

  • Extreme Temperature Fluctuations – Having the temperature in your home monitored for extreme fluctuations can alert you to a small problem before it becomes a big problem. When the temperature plummets to below freezing in the winter, making your pipes conducive to freezing and subsequently bursting, an environmental alert has you covered. 
  • Water sensor – Since flooding can occur in multiple scenarios, water sensors are placed around the house. Once water hits one of these sensors, you are alerted to the problem. This is great for leaky pipes, overflowing toilets and other scenarios where water could penetrate and damage your home. 
  • Carbon Monoxide – Carbon monoxide is a silent but deadly gas that can occur undetectable and is often found too late. With carbon monoxide testers, you will not have to worry about the enemy you cannot see or smell. The sensors are made to detect the presence of the deadly gas and alert you and your family to get to safety. 
  • Power Outages – Power outages are the cause of a lot of spoiled food. Whether you are out of town or have extra cold food storage in a garage or basement – where you don’t check as frequently, a sensor to monitor your power can alert you to the issue and allow you to save any vulnerable food. 


Thieves aren’t always people. Sometimes they are the forces of nature that enter your home and wreak havoc on your treasured possessions or loved ones. Thieves can also rob you of your peace of mind. By adding environmental alerts to your current security system you are taking back that peace of mind and potentially saving lots of time, money and heartache by finding and fixing problems the moment they happen. Let American Alarm help you analyze your security system and design a plan that is perfect for your home.