Guard Your Business During Halloween

Oct 17, 2023 | Business, Commercial News, Holiday

Halloween isn’t just known for the one night of the year when ghosts and goblins are free to roam the streets in search of candy, it’s also known for more accidents and vandalism than other nights.  The accidents typically increase due to the large number of people walking around outside in costumes at night. Meanwhile, vandalism increases because, well, people in costumes out at night may feel freer to wreak havoc on homes and businesses.  There are extra steps you can take to protect your business on the spookiest night of the year.


Make sure you have the proper insurance and are fully familiar with your policy.  Ensure you have proper coverage to cover a plethora of potential situations that could leave you financially and legally exposed. Are you opening up your space for Halloween?  Are you giving out candy? Make sure your coverage can protect you before inviting Halloween guests in business.  Be sure to take pictures of your property earlier that day or week in the event that you do experience vandalism or theft.  Having recent pictures will make filing a claim much easier.

Lighting and Décor

If your business is open to the public for Halloween, refrain from utilizing decorations and lighting that could potentially cause accidents.  Kids and adults may be in costumes with compromised vision, making maneuvering more difficult, particularly in the dark.  Choose bright lighting and clear walking spaces over intricate décor and spooky, dim lighting that may make it even more difficult to see.


Whether your business is open or closed to the public for Halloween, take extra steps when it comes to security.  Lock up company vehicles, property, and valuables ahead of time. Add extra security, if needed, to patrol the area both while people are on your property and after everyone returns home. Verify that your security lights and cameras are pointed toward key areas to capture intruders or vandals.  Extra vigilance on Halloween could protect you from becoming the target of vandals or thieves.

Halloween is a beloved holiday that invites us all to dress up one night a year and have fun. The downside of this holiday is the increased risk of vandalism, theft, and accidents that the day brings as well. You want your business protected every day of the year but be sure to pay special attention to Halloween each year and make sure your business is secure and you are insured so that this night of spooky fun doesn’t turn into heartache.