Just what you need for Home, Safe Home

Your home is your safe haven and you want to do all you can to protect it.  You know you need security solutions so that everyone in your home feels safe and sound but you want it to be simple as well as effective.  We have just what you need for a Home, Safe Home.  Introducing the Qolsys IQ Touch Screen Panel!

Benefits of the Qolsys IQ Touch Screen Panel include:

The IQ panel’s intuitive design is easy to use! Every member of the family will be able to interact with its simple touch screen.

Combined with the optional accessories, the IQ panel gives you the ability to customize preferences so that when you enter your home, it’s ready for your arrival.  Your IQ Panel Can:

  • Control the temperature when you enter or exit your home.
  • Turn lights on in designated areas
  • Lock and unlock the home as you enter or exit your property
  • Arm or disarm the security system as you enter or exit your home

The wall-mounted touch screen panel is discreet and attractive.  You can upload photos from your last vacation to personalize the look.

Blue-Tooth Enabled
This technology allows for touchless disarming because the IQ Panel is blue-tooth enabled, you no longer have to fiddle with keys.  The system will authenticate your identity from your phone and prepare your home for your arrival.

The system includes geo-fencing technology that can identify when you have arrived on your property.  Like with the blue-tooth technology, it will authenticate your identity and prepare your home for arrival.

Keeps You Connected To Your Home And Family
The app allows you to stay connected to your home and family no matter where you are.  With the app you can adjust the temperature, turn lights on or off, even speak to members of your family (including the furry ones) while sitting in your office.  Disarming photos are sent to your phone so you’ll always know when your kids have arrived home safely from their activities.

We are all looking for ways to simplify our lives and this amazing touch screen panel offers so many features, it is a perfect solution.  It’s just what you need for Home, Sweet Home.  For more information on how American Alarm can help you with solutions for a Home, Safe Home, give us a call at (845) 564-3763.  We would be happy to answer your questions!