What’s So Special About A Lightbulb?

When that lightbulb is an IQ Lightbulb from Qolsys it turns every light socket in your home into a smart light!  The IQ Lightbulb is a dimmable, LED lightbulb that works seamlessly with our Qolsys IQ panel to help you turn your home into a smart home.

Some of the benefits of an IQ Lightbulb include:

Saves Energy
The IQ lightbulb is an LED lightbulb that uses only 9 watts to provide 60 watts of illumination!

Long Lasting
One IQ lightbulb lasts provides over 22,000 hours of illumination, which means it lasts considerably longer than the 1000 hours that is typical from a standard lightbulb.

Z-Wave Technology
The Z-Wave Radio Technology of an IQ lightbulb is a repeater which means that each one that is installed strengthens your entire home control network.

Works Anywhere
They can be installed in any standard light socket which means you can gain Smart Technology in any room in your home!  Add them to a front porch with an overhang, in an entry way, by a front window, in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms.  They can be added to lamps, anywhere you would place a standard lightbulb.

Smart Technology
Because they work seamlessly with the Qolsys IQ panel, you can use them to customize your home’s lighting plan.  You can group bulbs together so that specified lights go on at the same time.  You can put lights on a timer so that they go on at specific time of day.  You can also create rules so that the lights go on when certain actions happen.  For example:

  • When entering a room
  • When leaving the house
  • When the door bell rings

Light At Your Fingertips
You can control lights equipped with an IQ lightbulb from your IQ Panel, your PC, your iPad or tablet as well as your phone.

American Alarm understands that in this fast paced world, we are all looking for ways to simplify our lives.  With all of these features, an IQ lightbulb certainly fits the bill.  We are passionate about providing home security that is simple and effective.  We are here to help you protect what matters most, providing anything for Home, Sweet Home!  For more information about the IQ Lightbulb and how to turn your house into a Home, Smart Home, give us a call at (845) 564-3763.